EW ANNIVERSARY PARTY 04/10 // John Selway's releases from 2009/2010

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Since his appearance last year in Taiwan for Earworm, John Selway has been putting out new music relentlessly, either alone or with one of his many production partners.

Here is a little selection of some of the tracks he released in 2009 and 2010, including collaborations with Christian Smith, Dave Turov, Tony Rohr and DJ Ulysses (as Neurotic Drum Band).

Click on the release name to hear the tracks ;)

John Selway – The Ocean Before Me (CSM 2010)

John Selway – Shake The Snow (Throne Of Blood 2009)

Christian Smith & John Selway – Swingworld (Jericho 2009)

John Selway & Dave Turov – Jazz Hands (CSM 2009)

John Selway + Tony Rohr – Less Scary EP (CSM 2010)

Neurotic Drum Band – Neurotic Erotic Adventure (Wurst Edits 2009)


John Selway is playing Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at The Wall for Earworm’s 2nd Anniversary Birthday Party

Other DJs on that night are Yoshi (Bass Kitchen) and the Earworm resident DJs, BB & DataBass, who will finish the night with a back2back set.

The party starts at 12:00pm and finishes at 05:00am, admission is 650NT on presale or 800NT at the door.

More info about the party here.

Also check John Selway’s official website for more info & news, and his soundcloud pageto listen to more of his new productions.



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