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賣歌再也不是夢! 位在舊金山的 Music Hack Day 利用 Minno 儲值付費系統在網路平台公開交易 (類似paypal),所有 Sound Cloud 的使用者可以將自己的創作透過連結 Sound Rain 平台後公開販售個人的創作,每首的售價均為 99 cents ; 當然使用者也可以在這購買他人的音樂,銷售累積到美金10塊的收入,將透過paypal來獲得營收。


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SoundRain gives you an embeddable widget for each of your SoundCloud songs. Everything is priced at $0.99, and as soon your sales reach $10 you can request a payout.

The result is an interface that allows music creators to connect their SoundCloud account with SoundRain which enables the creators to select which tracks they wish to sell for a one-off payment of 99 cents per download.

Once a track is enabled for purchase, a ‘Buy with Minno’ link appears on the waveform player which takes the buyer directly to SoundRain, where they can buy the song using Minno in just one click. When sales reach $10, SoundRain delivers artists their earnings via PayPal and then continues to do so in $10 increments, unless the artist chooses otherwise.


  • Deutsch:

SoundCloud-User können jetzt mit SoundRain einfach Tracks verkaufen!

SoundRain wurde auf dem Music Hack Day in San Francisco vor einer Woche gebaut und setzt auf das im Januar 2011 gestartete Micropayment-System Minno auf, das auch hinter SoundRain steckt.






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