3/21 (Fri) Bass Kitchen Presents: Deep Fried House 9 with Move D

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Move D要回來台灣了!去年這位浩室先鋒在Bass Kitchen 招牌”炸房子”派對把南港瓶蓋工廠屋頂完全掀開,現場群眾尖叫到早上5點。這些奇妙的音樂旅程還歷歷在目,可以說是我們有過最美妙的夜晚。很開心我們能再度邀請他回來讓我們再尖叫一次!

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░ MARCH 21ST, 2014 | Korner 牆角 ░



MOVE D [ Workshop / Smallville, Germany ] MUSIC FOR CATS [ Initials B.B + Soundsquash + Al Burro ]

░ MOVE D 2014 台灣巡迴 ░

3/21 台北 | Taipei http://goo.gl/6v60i3
3/22 高雄 | Kaoshiung http://goo.gl/j9KB5i

+ 被公認為全球最深沉的浩室藝術家
+ 2014年2月底 英國科技舞曲名廠 FABRIC 74 最新發行
+ 與AMBIENT大師 Pete Namlook 經典創作
+ 與Juju 和 Jordash 組成的現場 LIVE 三人組Magic Mountain High 為 全球迷幻式( psychedelic )深浩室前衛組合

Move D要回來台灣了!去年這位浩室先鋒在Bass Kitchen 招牌”炸房子”派對把南港瓶蓋工廠屋頂完全掀開,現場群眾尖叫到早上5點。這些奇妙的音樂旅程還歷歷在目,可以說是我們有過最美妙的夜晚。很開心我們能再度邀請他回來讓我們再尖叫一次!

事隔一年再訪台灣, Move D 帶了一個偉大的成就回來-傳說中的 Fabric 混音 CD。這30分鐘的宣傳廣播混音才發表一個多月便已大受好評,並在世界各地掀起一陣浩室旋風!

去年南港瓶蓋工廠炸房子派對完全爆滿,今年我們則選擇在台北首屈一指地下舞廳-Korner: 更能拉近DJ跟樂迷們的距離。但也由於場地的空間限制,我們只能發售200張預售票,以確保派對的最佳氛圍。強烈的建議您和您的朋友提早購票,以免向隅。

這次在Korner為 Move D 開場的是BK好朋友 Music for Cats 三重奏- Initials BB (Bass Kitchen), Soundsquash,及 Al Burro。我們非常期待這三位 Korner 和台北地下音樂文化的重要人物帶給我們三種調性的浩室曲風。所以,再次把你的熱舞鞋穿上吧!因為,您即將和Move D 的深浩室音樂做最近距離的接觸!____________________________________________________________

░ MOVE D 創作 | TRACKS ░

Got 2 B

To the Disco 77

Jus House

Got Thing

░ MOVE D 影片 | VIDEOS ░

Boiler Room DJ Set 2012

Boiler Room DJ Set 2013


░ 售票資訊 | TICKET INFO ░

All tickets include 1 Free Drink

早鳥|Early Birds: 450 NT ( 2/19 ~ 2/28 )
(只在實體售票點發售|Only Available at physical shops)

預售|Presale: 600 NT 
三人套票|3 People Package Ticket: 1500 NT (3/1 ~ 3/20 )

現場|Door: 750 NT

全國華娛售票系統 iBon (7-11) / FamiPort ( Family Mart )
Preslale available at all iBon (7-11) and FamiPort (FamilyMart)

華娛購票網頁 | Walkie online:

實體售票點發售|Physical shops

有種唱片 Species Records
2F., No. 20, Lane 96, Kunming Street / 02 2375-5518

吐司利亞三號 Toasteria Cafe #3
No. 3, Lane 169, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road / 02 2752-0033

自然醒咖啡公寓 Wakin’ Up Cafe Apartment
2F., No. 157, Sec. 2, Heping E. Road / 02 2709-6066

個體戶唱片行 Indimusic Records
3F., No. 297-5, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road / 02 2369-6386

小白兔唱片 White Wabbit Records
No. 1-1, Lane 21, Pucheng Street / 02 2369 7915

As we are heading towards the warmer spring season, Bass Kitchen’s trademark party series “Deep Fried House” is back with the return of deep house music pioneer Move D.

As our guest last year at the infamous Nangang Warehouse, Move D absolutely tore the roof off, with a memorable DJ set that had the crowd screaming for more all the way until 5AM. After such an amazing night, probably one of the best we’ve ever had, it was natural for us to ask Move D to play in Taipei one more time. This time around, he is coming with a monumental accomplishment under his belt: a mix CD for the legendary Fabric Mix Series, to be released at the end of February. Its 30 minutes, promotional radio mix has been released just over a month and iy id already garnered rave praises around the world.

While last year’s party was hosted at a gigantic warehouse, we opted this year for a more intimate setting at Taipei’s premier underground venue Korner. Due to space restrictions, more compact space, we will release only 200 limited presale tickets, in order to secure the best party vibe. So make sure you grab tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Opening for Move D will be Music for Cats – a trio of DJs comprising of Initials B.B. (Bass Kitchen), Soundsquash and Al Burro. These regulars of Korner and Taipei’s underground party scene will play an eclectic set of house tunes that is prefect to warm up to. So get your funk ready as Move D is coming back with deepest house music once again!

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