EW ANNIVERSARY PARTY 04/10 // Introducing Yoshi (Bass Kitchen)

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中日混血的Yoshi是目前台灣備受矚目的新生代DJ之一. 他青年時期至美國芝加哥接觸了電子音樂展開他的DJ生涯,在這個浩室音樂的大本營所在,Yoshi對於house各式曲風鋪陳的拿捏皆相當熟捻.

2006年回台灣後被受邀國際House廠牌KGBeats擔任此Label亞洲代表。 這幾年來Yoshi在台灣各大小活動派對演出, 2007年被受邀到東京及巴里島表演, 狂野的結拍融和華麗的旋律受到樂迷的熱愛.
2010年加入Bass Kitchen, 與搭檔MiniJay致力把underground techno/house重新推廣.

從早期的Chicago House, 到Tech house/Deep house及Neo-Techno, 不論何時Yoshi帶來的前衛高能量節拍必定可以震攝舞客的心臟!

With an international background and taste for wide variety of music, Yoshi moved into the scene in Chicago back in 2004 . The city is known as the Mecca of House music, and it is there that Yoshi learned how to absorb various styles of house music and blend them into bass thumping sound.

In 2006 he moved back to Taiwan and became the Asia rep. of Chicago based independent label KGBEATS. Since then Yoshi has played all over Taiwan, and got invited to play at Tokyo and Bali for the past 2 years while receiving high praises for his unique blending of techy sound and melodic grooves.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Yoshi decided Taipei is ready for some serious House music, enlisting the help of partner DJ MiniJay from Bass Kitchen, Yoshi created numerous tech house/deep house parties in 2010, and the response has been enormous.

Heavily influenced by old school hip hop, UK rock, 80’s disco and different kinds of aboriginal music, Yoshi has continuously pushed the sound of house music in Taipei to the furthest limits. You can be sure his DJ set always guarantees to rock the dance floor.


Yoshi is playing Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at The Wall for Earworm’s 2nd Anniversary Birthday Party with John Selway

The party starts at 12:00pm and finishes at 05:00am, admission is 650NT on presale or 800NT at the door.

More info about the party here.

You can listen to Yoshi’s latest mix here.

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