SOMA 20周年!! 參加慶祝活動可得MS2000R或 Soma Records vinyl

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經典TECHNO廠牌SOMA 今年迎接他的20歲生日啦




The Producer Prize features:

– The Korg MS2000R used by Slam in the making of their album Alien Radio

– One Korg Monotribe synthesizer courtesy of Korg UK

– One Soma 20th anniversary t-shirt

– One copy of the anniversary compilation.


The Label Lovers Prize features:

– One Soma 20th anniversary t-shirt

– One copy of the anniversary compilation

– Limited releases from the Soma back-catalogue:



Slam – Headstates (Soma CD5)

Slam – Alien Radio (Soma CD25)

Slam – Alien Radio Remixed (Soma CD29)

Slam – Year Zero (Soma CD38)

Slam – Human Response (Soma CD59)

Pablo – Turntable Technology (Soma CD80)

Let’s Go Outside – Conversations with my invisible friends (Soma CD81)

Soma Compilation 2010 (Soma CD82)

The Black Dog – Music For Real Airports (Soma CD83)

Soma Coma Volume 4 (Soma CD84)

Decimal – Lost In A Dark Place (Soma CD85)

Hatikvah – Synchronicity (Soma CD86)

Soma Compilation 2011 (Soma CD88)

Vector Lovers – Electrospective (Soma CD89)

Soma Coma Volume 5 (Soma CD90)

Deepchord – Hash-Bar Loops (Soma CD91)

The Black Dog – Liber Dogma (Soma CD92)

Soma 20th Compilation (Soma CD95)



Slam – Positive Education (Soma 008)

Daft Punk – The New Wave (Soma 014)

Slam – Snapshots (Soma 021)

Daft Punk – Rollin’ & Scratchin’ (Soma 025)

Daft Punk – Indo Silver Club (Soma 035)

Slam – Dark Forces (Soma 039)

Pressure Funk – Twisted Funk (Soma 062)

Scott Grooves feat. Parliament-Funkadelic – Mothership Reconnection (Including Daft Punk Remix) (Soma 071)

Silicone Soul – The Answer (Soma 092)

Funk D’Void – Diabla (Including Heavenly Remix) (Soma 112)

H-Foundation – Tonight (Including King Britt Remix) (Soma 133)

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